The shirt has these certificates: GOTS, Fair Wear, Oeko-Tex, Peta Approved VEGAN.



What do certificates mean?


GOTS: GOTS is an abbreviation for Global Organic Textile Standard. This is the strictest international biotextile certification.

The aim of the certification is to strengthen sustainability and fairness in the production of clothing. This means ecologically clean production as well as the purity of the final product, thus protecting our environment, the health of the people employed on the cotton plantations and in the production and, last but not least, the users of organic cotton clothing. The certificate also ensures safe and humane working conditions for farmers and production workers.

Fair Wear: FWF jis a non-profit organization that works with brands, factories, unions, NGOs (and in some cases governments) to verify and improve workplace conditions for clothing workers. This program operates in eleven countries in Asia, Europe and Africa (specifically in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Makedonai, Romania, Tunisia, Turkey and Vietnam).


Oeko-Tex: certificateOeko-Tex ÖKO-TEX® is an international certification system for inspecting textiles that are and must be made exclusively from non-hazardous materials. This system was developed in 1992 and means a guarantee of quality and safety for users.


Peta Approved VEGAN: certificate PETA - Approved Vegan ensures that the garments do not contain any animal ingredients and that no animal has suffered during manufacture. This is another step towards sustainable and responsible production. We are proud that all organic cotton products on are PETA - Approved Vegan certified and are therefore suitable for vegans.

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400,00 KčCena
  • Unisex T-shirt with black rim. A compassionate T-shirt for men and women, for all who want to send this message to the world at first sight, just like us.


    Meadow T-shirts for compassionate souls. T-shirts with the main slogan of the project Život na Louce in Czech language - Pojďme spolu vytvořit soucitný svět (Let's create a compassionate world together), with hand painted picture, from a young beginning artist, whom Louka liked to support. The first beautiful connection. Our T-shirts have all the certificates that guarantee you minimal or no impact on the environment, and also that no people or animals suffered during production.